Rachel Uchitel, the woman reported in tabloids to have had an affair with Tiger Woods, came to Los Angeles over the weekend to meet with attorney Gloria Allred. “We're going to meet and at some point we'll decide what the next step is,” Allred told reporters at LAX Sunday.

What they're meeting about is hanging in the air like a Woods drive on the 18th hole. The golf star had a bizarre accident outside his Florida home Friday when his SUV sheered a fire hydrant and hit a neighbor's tree. Woods was found by first responders outside his vehicle with cuts and abrasions to his face. His wife, who reported that she had rescued him by busting out a window with a golf club, was standing over him.

Speculation is that the pair had been arguing over the reported and alleged affair, but Woods on Sunday called such rumor-mongering “false, unfounded and malicious.”

At the same time, he refused for a third time to meet with state troopers who wanted more information about the 2:30 a.m. collision. Through his agent, Woods said he would not meet with authorities — and troopers said he was free not to speak further.

The big question now is whether Woods will travel this week to our humble “thirty-mile zone” of paparazzi saturation to take part in the annual Chevron World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, a tournament with which he's been affiliated since 1999. He sat out last year's tourney with an injury but made an appearance anyway. The event, which took out an eight-page ad in Sunday's Los Angeles Times, complete with a cover shot of Woods in full swing, starts Thursday.

Golf never seemed this riveting to us before.

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