Tiana Marcano: The Reigning Queen of Petite Models

Meet Tiana Marcano, a vibrant force relentlessly redefining the standards of beauty in the world of high fashion. As a petite model standing at 5’3, Tiana’s audacious journey into the fashion industry began in 2018 when she signed on with EMG Models, an agency that, at the time, exclusively housed models 5’7 and above. Her unique presence has since defied societal norms, establishing her as a leader and the face of petite models in America.

She found her calling in the fashion industry, sparked by her fascination with the TV show “Bratz”. This show became the catalyst for Tiana’s decision to explore fashion design, which she pursued at the High School of Fashion Industries, a career and technical educational institution. Her interest in the limelight was further manifested through her participation in beauty pageants. Her local victories led to an invitation to the international Prince & Princess Pageant in Spring 2008. Here, she was recognized as a National Photogenic Model Search Finalist for the Model of the Year 2009 title, and she got an opportunity to appear on Good Morning America during their segment on the pageant.

Later that year, Tiana was scouted by Industry Model & Talent Studios. She signed a year-long contract, marking another significant milestone in her modeling career. During her final years of high school, Tiana was mentored by Cyma Zaraghami, then-president of Nickelodeon, through the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Tiana’s enchanting allure graced the pages of esteemed publications including Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Harper’s Bazaar España, Elle Italia, Marie Claire Italia, L’officiel Baltic, Grazia Serbia, and The Impression. It is no small feat for a petite model to feature in these esteemed publications, but Tiana broke through the barriers, setting a new standard. From her initial work with Seventeen Magazine, Rollie Nation, and Vulkan Magazine, she has risen through the ranks to work with emerging luxury brands and walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. Her debut at NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 for designers House of Arti and Lexlo marked a pivotal moment in her career and the industry, as House of Arti became the first luxury petite brand to debut their designs during NYFW.

Tiana’s artistic abilities aren’t confined to the catwalk; she’s also an accomplished actress and fashion stylist. Her on-screen presence in shows such as The Marvelous Mrs. Masiel, Godfather of Harlem, and Medium Rare has wowed audiences, while her fashion styling expertise has brought out the soul expression of individuals through their clothing. She currently has a show in pre-production with the “For Us” TV network, and she recently collaborated with Pro Hac Vice, a new petite fashion brand launching in the summer of 2023.

Defying the odds, Tiana has found a way to balance her modeling, acting, and fashion styling careers, believing these industries to be deeply interconnected. Her training as an actress and her understanding of garments as a fashion stylist has enriched her modeling, offering her unique perspectives and enhancing her performances.

One of the secrets to Tiana’s astounding success lies in her unwavering persistence, determined willpower, and steadfast belief in herself. She encourages fellow entrepreneurs to follow their vision, do their research, network widely, and have patience. Success doesn’t come overnight, but with a sturdy foundation, it’s only a matter of time.

Despite her tremendous success, Tiana maintains a humility that further enhances her appeal. She understands the importance of acknowledging her journey, recognizing how far she has come, and appreciating herself as an individual. It’s a lesson that many, whether in the world of fashion or outside it, can learn from.

Tiana Marcano, an ethereal presence in the fashion industry, has made significant strides despite countless adversities. Her story is a testament to the fact that it’s not about fitting into the industry standards; it’s about breaking them to create new norms. A beacon of hope for petite models and a game-changer in the industry, she continues to inspire and make a mark in the world of fashion.

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