Here we are, Day 14 of the Three Wolf Moon Shirt News Cycle and, yes, the dorkiest most magical-est white-trashiest tee shirt ever to go viral is still the unlikeliest number one-selling shirt on Amazon with over 800 reviews and counting.

For the backstory, go here to the Associated Press or here to the BBC. Or here, straight to the horse's mouth, to, who brought the shirt (and wolves) to the planet's attention. So far, some 9,000 people have found random reviewer Brian Govern's original cheeky review to be “helpful.” Many more have found it to be elitist and snarky. Still more have attempted to recapture lightning in a bottle with other shirts like this one, also by wolf-shirt-manufacturer The Mountain (who continues to rake in the cash at a rate of $15 times a hundred per hour), this time with kittens:

“Only ten kittens???” writes Danaful of North Branford, Connecticut. “When I wear clothes with kittens, I require a much higher kitten-per-inch-of-shirt count that you've offered here. Cannot recommend.”

Other people have gone a step further (around the bend) and uploaded their own photos of the wolf shirt. Here are a few of the best ones.

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