Just when you thought the “two memes one shirt” phenomenon had hit its last iteration (how long before we see a “Three Wolves with Dead Kittens in their Mouths on a Moon shirt?”), The Mountain — the company behind the world's first viral T-shirt — is apparently looking for a book deal.

The proposal for Sheep in Wolves Clothing, co-authored by Gregg Turkington and Michael McGloin, found itself in our inbox the other day and we thought we'd share some of the highlights:

With captivating proposed chapters like “The Wolf Shirt and Baldness,” “The Wolf Shirt and Massage Therapy” and “The Wolf Shirt and Your Love Life” (or more precisely, the lack thereof) the shirt that launched a 1,390 Amazon reviews, an iPhone App and — this just in — an upcoming episode of The Office, might soon be coming to your local bookstore or, in a twist of fate, Amazon.

“I feel this will be in the history books of marketing,” McGloin told ABC News about the popularity of the shirt. “People will be trying to duplicate it. It's just out of control.”

In the proposal for Wolves in Sheep's Clothing McGloin writes about the same humble theme:

“In recent months, wolves have finally stepped up and taken their place in our pantheon of great American heroes. This public elevation was understandable and even inevitable, when one considers that packs of wolves represent the best and most enduring aspects of America itself: freedom, tenacity, self-sufficiency, a gang mentality, a constant hunger for low-cost meat, and random, unchecked violence.”

A book deal for America's favorite shirt does not seem so far-fetched when you learn (via the last page of the proposal) that Amazon talked about “Three Wolf Moon” for over three minutes (!) at their last 30 minute shareholders meeting.

When Amazon executives are spending 10% of their strategy time trying to figure out why you exist, then why stop at ironic book deal? Why not go for a screenplay, celebrity scent… the whole “Three Wolf Moon” 360-degree media platform.

Until the “Ten Kitten Shirt” people get a talk show that is.

LA Weekly