Not to take sport in the kicking of a dead horse, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t add one delicious footnote to the Da Vinci Code discussion. On Wednesday night, about one hour into the film’s official, black-tie opening-night screening at Cannes, a colleague spotted the president of this year’s competition jury, Wong Kar-Wai, plus two of his co-jurors, actor Tim Roth and Palestinian filmmaker Elia Suleiman (Divine Intervention), sidling up to a bar near the Palais des Festivals to down a few while watching the UEFA-league final match between Arsenal and Barcelona. Of course, The Da Vinci Codeis screening here in a non-competing festival slot, so, technically speaking, Wong and company didn’t have to stay all the way through to the end. Still, let it not be said that this year’s jury — or at least one-third of them — has thus far shown anything but the most impeccable good taste.

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