Greetings style council readers, today we offer links to a tantalizing trifecta of videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first from author/original club kid James St James, the second from actress-turned rockstar-turned-actress again Juliette Lewis, and finally a clip of Tony Romo attempting to rock out with his jock out for GF Jessica Simpson with Metal Skool (Steel Panther, whatever…) at the Key Club this past Monday night via TMZ.

They may seem unrelated, but as is often the case when we cover people and places in Los Angeles, a clubby thread ties 'em together. JSJ is seen re-enacting River Phoenix’s death outside the Viper Room (in Part 2 of his Freakshow Death Series for WOW TV)— where Juliette (who reveals here that she'll be starring in Drew Barrymore's new roller derby movie!) played last week for the Sunset Strip Music Festival— and of course, before they took the Panther moniker, the “Skool” was known as Metal Shop and packed the Viper every Monday night! Kevin Bacon's got nuthin' on Nightranger! Click the link to our past columns -and most recent one about The Strip and The V Room- and see for yourself. And check back tomorrow for reports from Club Tigerheat, Cahuenga, Nettwerks' Sync Lounge and 4th of July at the Queen Mary…

Death Tour LA

Photo by Lina Lecaro

Licky Star

Photo by Lina Lecaro

Sour Child

Photo from US Weekly

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