The internet is a strange thing — a large part of it is actually set up for people who are looking for random ways to part with their money. I'd wager that a lot of internet shopping is not done by people looking for something specific, but rather folks aimlessly searching for a reason to throw away cash. Kickstarter has taken that tendency one step further. It's slightly baffling how an electronic version of the sales pitch has become so successful, but there you have it.

The truth is that Kickstarter has helped to get a whole lot of businesses, movies and artistic projects off the ground that otherwise would not have seen the light of day, and food is one of its major categories. With that in mind, we decided to seek out a few local Kickstarter projects that might actually have an impact on the eating life of Los Angeles. Turn the page for some new and exciting ways to get rid of your wealth.

Primal Pastures, Southern California organic & sustainable livestock farm

Goal: $40,000

Days left to fund: 25

In Temecula, CA, this farm has been producing pastured poultry since last year. Now they'd like to expand. From the project description:

In 2012, we launched a humble little ranch operation in Temecula, California. We did this with a dream of producing premium grade, healthy and happy poultry, beef, lamb, pork, and turkey raised locally, sustainably, and responsibly by healthy farmers for healthy families. Starting on one acre of pastureland, we began to raise 54 free-range, pasture pure, primal chickens and accrued a waitlist of more than 100 families before the first batch of birds was even ready. Although our farm has grown since then, we have still never been able to catch up with the demand for local, high quality meats…In April 2013, we signed a lease for over 200 acres of pastureland in Southern California. Since we've been farming on 2.5 acres for the last 12 months, this is a lot of land for us…We have budgeted out the cash requirements that are necessary for the expansion our farm and have determined that $40,000 will allow us to add three species to our current operation: ducks, turkeys, and cattle!

Incentives: For $15, you get your name on a “founder's wall.” For $20, you get a sticker pack. For $110, you get a Primal Pastures apron made by local Los Angeles designer, Hedley and Benett. For $250, you get a chicken a month. For $1,200 you get a “breakfast on the pasture” for 20 people.

Watch the video about the project and get more info on their Kickstarter page.

Another Kind of Sunrise: A cereal restaurant on Abbott Kinney in Venice.

Goal: $15,000

Days Left to Fund: 8

Only in Venice: These folks are planning to open a “cereal-centric takeaway cafe.” Here's a description:

Another Kind of Sunrise will be a cereal-centric takeaway cafe, specializing in high quality, organic food and drink. We will offer the highest quality pre-made, traditional cereals in their simple, whole grain form such as corn flakes, rice krispies, raisin bran, frosted flakes etc. etc. We will also serve homemade paleo granola, acai bowls, and chia porridge. We will have organic, grass fed whole milk and yogurt, and organic almond milk. You'll be able to add toppings such as seasonal fresh fruits, sprouted nuts, flax seed, goji and golden berries, raw honey, coconut, hemp hearts, and cocoa nibs. From all of these options you will be able to concoct a meal according to your own special tastes. Our recipes will focus on complete nutrition. You will be able to enjoy a healthy bowl not just at breakfast but at any time of day.

Incentives: For $10, you'll get a thank you note. For $12, you'll get a voucher for a bowl of cereal. For $25, you'll get a tote bag. For $2,500, you'll get a mural of a cheetah with a unicorn horn, a cereal party for 20, and a live music performance.

Check out the Another Kind of Sunrise Kickstarter here.

Wine Country Spicy Organic Mustard: Mustard from Santa Rosa

Goal: $500

Days Left to Fund: 24

OK, so this project is already way past its goal, but it was a tiny goal to begin with and we really love mustard. Local, organic, spicy mustard? Yes, please. From the project description:

Using only organic ingredients, we took an ancient Roman recipe for Mustard and made it new again. Now we need your help to get it off the ground. We have the recipe, but what we don't have is equipment to manufacture the Mustard on any sort of large scale … If we get funded we should be able to turn out some phenomenal spreads on demand, but at a reasonable price. The end goal is to develop the processes and infrastructure needed to make delicious Mustard as needed. We're a small group of people trying to make a product that people will love. All we need is your help.

Incentives: For $5, you get a mustard recipe. For $20, you get a jar of mustard. For $25, you get a jar of Deadly Spicy Mustard. For $150, you get to dictate what you want in a mustard and they'll make four jars to your specification.

Here's the Kickstarter page.

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