Thomas Jane, star of HBO's series Hung, is a proponent of 3-D films. He made his directorial debut with Dark Country, a 3-D effort, and is hosting this weekend's 3D Film Festival at The Los Angeles Film School. His introduction to the technology, though, didn't come through film so much as it did through comic books.

“I got turned on to 3-D comic books, which was incredible, mind-blowing stuff when you're 11 years old,” said Jane, who has published comic book titles under the RAW Studios imprint.

“There's a comic book called Twisted Tales, which is by Bruce Jones that had a 3-D issue,” he added.

When we met with Jane at Oasis Imagery for the 3DFF press event, he shared that he and Jones are hoping to bring the well-known comic book to television.

“We're turning Twisted Tales into a 3-D television show, a half-hour, like Twilight Zone,” he said.

“We're shopping it around as an idea right now,” he explained. “3-D TV is still in its infancy, so we're finding all the puzzle pieces to put that project together takes a little more effort than it would to put a normal show together.”

One has to wonder if there is any sort of connection between the resurgence of 3-D films and the current wave of comic book adaptations.

“I don't see why there should be a connection, although in pop culture there is a connection between 3-D event movies and comic book movies,” answered Jane. “That's a confluence of two emergent fads, one of them hopefully being more than a fad, being the 3-D technology that will hopefully stick around and the other one being the comic book movie which is doomed to die at some point.”

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