Art of Bleeding founder The Rev. Al would like to set something straight about his medical gore-fest. “People get confused by the name. It's more than just spurting bodily fluids. It's a giant train wreck with one train filled with Sid and Marty Krofft characters and the other with medical fetishists and ether-huffing theosophists on spring break. The most compact description thus far: 'paramedical funhouse.'” Got that? This evening — sure to get you in the Halloween spirit and beyond — is a two-parter. First, a screening of several episodes of the online video series of true-life medical emergencies Gory Details, featuring Abram the Safety Ape, RT the Robot Teacher and plenty of sexy nurses covered in red-dyed Karo Syrup (or is it really blood?). Next is the live Art of Bleeding's Spirits of Safety Show with AoB regulars attempting to “find Halloween's connection to Safety Consciousness through the unnatural use of a CP mannequin, ectoplasmic mishaps, and the siren charms of the Art of Bleeding nurses.” The evening also features a squirmy Breast Cancer Awareness Tutorial and the burn ward comedy of Art of Bleeding's resident “funmaker” Dr. Sunshine. Guest intern Creekbird contributes his unique brand of musical quackery, and Polly Peabody stops in with a burlesque tribute to the good old days of mail-order morphine.

Sun., Oct. 25, 7 p.m., 2009

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