In this week's column (out Thursday) we rejoice over The Hills' cancellation and survey LA's newest upscale hotspots: Drai's, Trousdale and Industry. But the circus of celebs at Perez Hilton's Saturday night Carn-Evil birthday party at Paramount Studio almost outshined 'em all.

If the notion that having “haters” means you've “made it” is true, than Perez Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira) sure has. The reader comments on his site alone are downright vicious, but no doubt even the gossip gangster's most avid detractors would have killed to be at this shindig… especially the gay ones.

As as we report this week, their were “tons of hot bodied boys in their skivvies everywhere, queen thing Chi Chi LaRue (looking skinny) and RuPaul (dapper and undragged) shaking all night long on the dance floor,” plus a diva-heavy DJ set-list, performances by Leona Lewis and Eve (who got so heated she begged the crowd for a scrunchie) and a show-stopping set by Liza Minnelli (singing “Cabaret” and “New York, New York”). Who needs Courtney Love or Gaga for that matter?

We left after Liza, and as we headed out, grabbing a pink polka-dotted goodie bag (which included both fat free Arizona Green tea and a box of super-rich cookies), we ran into none other than Katy Perry waiting to sing to her pal outside… atop an elephant. Liza was eating up the attention inside, so she really had to wait. Girlfriend was way up there too. Scared? we asked. She nodded yes. Have you been on an elephant before? Another yes. With Russell in India? we wondered.

Others in attendance included Justin Bieber, Linda Perry, Paula Abdul, Mel B. and a couple of WTF-are-they-doing-here types: Levi Johnston and Rachel Uchitel, both of whom have been crucified on Perez's site. Still, no one could top the wacky/cracky presence of Hilton's most frequent target, “Loopy Lohan.” We hate to jump the bad-talk bandwagon, but Girl Freaky Friday was looking rough, and as we report this week, “after a dress change(?) mid-party, she ended up accosting the turntables too.” The already classic photo of her with a cloudy white substance (probably baby powder) on her feet was taken later that evening.

In other news, Hilton just announced he'll be hosting a new countdown radio show sure to go where Ryan Seacrest -and Casey Kasem- have never gone before.

More words and pics from the range on Thursday.

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