Maybe it's because of the looming Memorial holiday, but social media was kind of dead this week. Seasoned party crashers ourselves, we decided to see what the real media kids were up to. It turns out like everyone else in America they too were having a BBQ… a WTFBBQ. Here are our findings, separated into FTW and WTFBBQ to keep you company on your booze and hot dog addled commemoration of our men and women in service.


5. Obama vs. Cheney Duel: Dear Fox News, I know you must be broadcasting to some Idiocracy parallel universe where Cheney is Dark Overlord and “war is peace,” but in case you don't have the Internet on your planet, Cheney no longer has any power here, on Earth. Obama, on the other hand, has his own action figure.

4. South Korea indicted bloggers who raised their page views artificially. One guy did it by placing a coin on his refresh key. Hey South Korean bloggers, we hear Nick Denton is hiring...

3. LAPD Chief Bratton accused L.A. Weekly reporters of “smoking a little weed.” Okay, but what if it was for medicinal purposes? Plus, everyone knows we switched to St. John's Wort and Red Bull after Obama got elected.

2. That statutory-raping teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau, hosted a “hot for teacher” night with the former student who knocked her up. And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder…

1. California legislature is like that screwed-up friend you have that can't get their shiz together. Only 17% of our state voted on Tuesday, seemingly all from this one county.


5. Craigslist CEO says, “Say Uncle South Carolina,” and they do.

4. “I don't care how drunk you are, you post by 9 a.m.” Bill Jensen, director of new media for Village Voice Media, talked to Mike Arrington about how blogging “under the influence” is the new “in the black.” Suck-up alert: We give him mad props for corporate transparency.

3. a collection of self-important tweets. Ha. And ha. And ha, again. This is the song that never ends.

2. The Caveman's Guide to Sponsored Conversations: Ahhh, Forester Research, without you we'd actually be having like, a real conversation.

(and last but not least)

1. Some Internet bikini Twitter thing. (Oh yeah, I dare you not to click.)

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