Food has always been good fodder for comedians and late-night television content, simply because food is so universal. And since food culture has blown up, there's even more opportunity to turn it into television laughs. But even so, this has been a particularly good few days for food rants on late-night television.

Last week, Stephen Colbert took on the GMO debate, proclaiming in relief over Washington state's rejection of a proposed GMO-labeling law: “Folks, I believe it is none of our business what we're putting in our mouths.” Here's the full clip:

The Colbert Report
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Then on Wednesday night, Jim Gaffigan gave a couple of fairly easy targets (kale, gluten-free diets, soy milk) the once-over on Conan:

And finally, the master Jon Stewart used the occasion of New York claiming the country's tallest building (and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel's dismissal of the new record-holder) to deliver one of the most amazing food rants in television history about the suckiness of Chicago deep dish pizza:

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