If comedy is still dead, as the gang who put together the semi-regular evening of comedy thrills at Hollywood Forever continue to insist, then it's having a banner run for a dead profession. 

Take the lineup for this Thursday's “Comedy is Dead” extravaganza in the tricked-out second floor of the masonic temple on the cemetery grounds: headlining is the mighty Patton Oswalt, plus the bill includes half of Mr. Show in the form of Bob Odenkirk; Thomas Lennon, a treat even when he isn't wearing the highway hot pants of Lt. Dangle; and the gorgeous and excruciatingly funny Natasha Leggero.

Hell, even the guy opening the show – Duncan Trussell, pictured at right in the midst of what we promise is the most ridonkulously hilarious bit with a puppet you'll ever see (and now watch him not do it Thursday) – is cream of the crop.

Still not enough?How about an acoustic set afterward with Sebadoh and Folk Implosion guru Lou Barlow, his first L.A. appearance in two years?Yeah, you'll hate yourself Friday if you miss this.

“Comedy Is Dead” at Hollywood Forever, Thursday, March 12 at 9 p.m.; doors at 8 p.m.; $10. Click here for our coverage of the December lineup featuring Sarah Silverman and Mary-Lynn Rajskub.

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