Little horribles include: the moment you realize your junk food binge from the mini bar on your family's vacation cost them more than $100. The moment it dawns on you that not offering to switch seats on an airplane made you an enormous asshole. The moment someone catches you masturbating in L.A. traffic … OK, maybe that one only happens to Amy.

Mix the self­-referential loathing of Louie with the satirical self-­involvement of Girls and you've got indie web series Little Horribles, created by and starring L.A. comedian Amy York Rubin.

The show is executive produced or, as she prefers to call it, “executive mentored,” by Issa Rae of the well-­known series. “I was attracted to the show because of how raw and authentic it is,” Rae tells the Weekly. “The first episode Amy showed me was 'Stunning,' and I could completely relate.”

In “Stunning,” a woman can't stop gushing about how gorgeous Rubin's writing partner is, while Rubin stands by, feeling like an ogre. “I had an experience very similar to that,” Rubin recalls. “I had a moment of clarity — after I stopped crying — that I think people hurt other people's feelings all the time, like really badly, and never have any idea about it. Sometimes we're experiencing, in total isolation, what I call 'little horribles.' ”

Her resulting web series perfectly captures the horror and humor of life's everyday awkward moments. The seamless direction, cinematography, editing and score make the 6­ to 9­ minute episodes fly by, leaving you wanting more, despite the cringe factor — quite a feat for the web.

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