This Is Why Sharpline Distro Is the Leading Music Distributor In The Industry

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Sharpline Distro is a leading music distribution service from the United Kingdom that’s been amassing popularity in the short time they have been in the music scene. Sharpline Distro was founded by musicians for musicians who, having travelled extensively world wide and tried their own hand at making music, understand what modern artists are looking for to develop & succeed.

Seeing that the music industry presents emerging artists with gaps and misfortune, Sharpline offers to bridge those gaps. They are affordable, accessible, and yet, incredibly well-connected in the music distribution & marketing business.

They distribute & promote music to all major platforms.

Let’s face it. The number one method of discovering new artists is listening to playlists on your favorite music streaming platform. This is why, as a new artist, you need to be getting on these platforms. That’s what Sharpline Distro aims to do. It works with Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major streaming platforms. It gets your new releases onto playlists that grow your channel, aiding music discovery.

Not only that, but Sharpline Distro also collaborates with an impressive host of music publications and press outlets. Whenever one of their artists is releasing a new song or album, they reach out to all those major publications. That way, they make sure people know to look for your song.

They won’t charge an arm and a leg.

A huge barrier for emerging artists is the cost of breaking into the music world. With many distribution services charging an arm and a leg for sub-par services, Sharpline Distro breaks the mold. They only charge a modest $30 fee for individual artists and $50 for record labels.

Not only that, but they offer every new artist a 30-day free trial, to see if Sharpline Distro is the best music distribution service for their needs.

Though charging less, Sharpline Distro offers much. On top of their commendable distribution services, they also offer free music marketing to their clients, at no additional charge. It stands to reason that marketing and distribution go hand-in-hand, so Sharpline Distro is offering it all in one neat, affordable package.

They lets artists focus on creating.

While modern artists have a lot more opportunities than creators from 40 years ago, they also have a lot more on their plate. Nowadays, you also need to know marketing, networking, social media, and so many other things that are not music, to be successful. This takes away artists’ time and energy from creating the music we know and love.

So Sharpline Distro seeks to minimize that. It takes over the distribution and marketing, which allows artists more time to focus on making music. That way, Sharpline Distro artists enjoy a greater, and more rapid output, and are less likely to suffer from burnout.

What’s the scoop?

Although Sharpline Distro is an emerging service on the music scene still, they’re rapidly carving a name for itself as an affordable, and successful music distributor. As such, they are definitely worth considering, whether you’re a new artist or an existing one, and feel like you’ve hit a career slump. Sharpline Distro may be just what you need to kick you out of it!

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