Hosted by entrepreneurs and influencers Brian Calle and Neferteri Plessy, the More Hustle podcast explores the hustle it takes to “make it” in today’s most competitive and exclusive industries.

Brian and Neferteri both come from a background where nothing was handed to them. They had to hustle to earn what they have, with the heart and determination to overcome the obstacles on their path to success.

There are so many stories like their own: come-up tales from celebrities, entrepreneurs, entertainers and artists – people with a dream that started from the bottom and had to fight their way to the top. Having turned their own adversity into opportunity, the podcast hosts leverage their platform to share the insights, inspirations and motivations successful people have used to turn challenges into opportunity.

What does it take to get to the glitz and glamor? The More Hustle podcast fills in the blanks with stories not often discussed – the blood, sweat and tears that get poured into growth, driving the transformation from normalcy to stardom.

Learn from these stories. Hustle hard. Never give up.

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