In the middle of a sweltering Saturday at the Institute of Mentalphysics in Joshua Tree this past September, Cherry Glazerr frontwoman Clementine Creevy decides to expose herself. There she is, onstage at Desert Daze festival, in front of a crowd far larger than she expected. Feeling the love, she chooses to close out fan favorite “Grilled Cheese” by turning her back to the crowd, lifting her T-shirt up, and grabbing her white underwear downward.

“All the women in my family love to moon,” she tells me afterward. Beginning their set with a jam they made up a few days before the festival, the fun-loving trio, boosted by drummer Tabor Allen and Clem's “synth queen” Sasami Ashworth, they delight the audience with new material, including the infectious single “Told You I'd Be With the Guys” from their forthcoming album Apocalipstick, due out Jan. 20 on Secretly Canadian.

We caught up with the L.A.-based jokesters immediately after their set to talk full moon partying, making their forthcoming album, and sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches.

Hello, Cherry Glazerr. Please introduce yourselves.
Sasami [adopting robot voice]: Hello, my name is Sasami Ashworth, I am a Korean music robot. I have been enlisted to be a slave to the Glaze. Would you like me to synthesize a song for you?
Clem: I'm Clem!
Tabor: She's a one-name now. Like Madonna.
Clem: Yep, just Clem. I shred the old ax.
Tabor: I'm Tabor, I play drums for Cherry Glazerr. This was the festival to wear my Captain Beefheart shirt. This is an obscure Captain Beefheart shirt for Lick My Decals Off, Baby, a terrific ’70s rec! I got it in Berlin. My friend was silkscreening them. You can't find this shit at Hot Topic or on eBay.

We're here on Saturday, day two at Desert Daze; the delicious filler in the sandwich of the three-day fest …
Tabor: Speaking of sandwich filler, we were talking yesterday about the merit of putting a pickle on your PB&J. It really zests it up. A crispy dill pickle on a PB&J adds a little spice — a little variety to a time-honored tradition. If this is filler day, we're the pickle.
Sasami: We're pickled sauerkraut on a vegan tempeh Reuben.
Clem: We consider ourselves food rock, with less talk.

Let's talk about your onstage finale, Clem. Was that spur of the moment? What happened?
Clem: I don't know, it was all a blur. Mooning never ceases to be funny to me. Also we were playing the Moon Stage. We shouldn't even get paid if we don't moon to the audience! Mooning kind of runs in my family. All the women in my family love to moon. My great-aunts love to moon, especially Aunt Peggy. It might be an Irish lady thing. People love the Creevy curves. Ha! “Curves” is a stretch!

This is a very unique festival out at the Mentalphysics Institute in Joshua Tree.
Clem: Can you tell us about that?
Sasami: It's like a cult ground, a holy land for a cult.

Indeed, and it's a full moon tonight. It's going to get crazy.
Clem: Oh my God, YES!
Sasami: Not crazy, but crazy-er.

You're right. Last night was already crazy. I saw some things. What did you see?
Clem: God, we were walking around the festival and walked into this crazy weird art installation/ceramic marshmallow thing. We go inside and this kid in a Black Flag T-shirt was just passed the fuck out. The only one in there. Just sprawled, spread-eagle zonked.
Tabor: We laughed as hard as we could in his face for 10 minutes and he did not move.

He might still be in there.
Tabor: Someone should check on him.

Who are you going to see tonight during the full moon?
Tabor: It seems likely that we'll end up at Primus. The gravity of Les Claypool's bass will pull us toward Primus.
Sasami: If I last long enough I will go and see Connan Mockasin, consume a little genius grass …
Tabor: We're talking about marijuana.

Let us in on a little secret about your record next year?
Clem: No, you'll hear it.
Tabor: No secrets, except they're all secrets.

You made it at Sunset Sounds in L.A. What was the strangest thing you found in there?
Clem: Heart! Heart was there.

Heart, the band?
Clem: Heart, the band! We were in between Heart and fucking Death Grips. That was the vibe.
Sasami: Imagine being the tempeh Reuben in between Heart and Death Grips.
Tabor: In between the sauerkraut of Death Grips and the Thousand Island dressing of Heart. That was the sandwich at Sunset Sound and we were the tempeh. We shot some hoops, too!
Sasami: Yeah, with Death Grips, and then they asked Clem to sing on their record. That was a pretty fucking cool thing that happened.
Clem: Yeah, it's out — I sing on “Giving Bad People Good Ideas.” It was so rad.
Sasami: It's going to be in a Target commercial. You should check it out.

Cherry Glazerr play Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara on Wednesday, Dec. 28, and the Glass House in Pomona on Thursday, Dec. 29. Their forthcoming album Apocalipstick is available now for pre-order via their website.

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