Yes, it's How to Save Your Marriage Alone, which we swear is a real book and not some Onion mock-up of one. Has any title ever offered so much — and then snatched it all away right there with the last word?

This evangelical travesty is the subject of this week's Studies in Crap post on our Style Council blog. There you can gape at marital advice of the absolute lowest order. Suspect your spouse is cheating? Dr. Wheat proposes that you:

“Totally avoid criticism of your mate. Accept whatever your partner is doing without comment or histrionics. Do not even suggest a secret disapproval.”

If all this other-cheek turning starts to get to you, just remember: you could still be more perfect. Dr. Wheat writes:

“This may come as shocking information, but if you want to save your marriage you cannot just be a 'good' husband or wife. You have to be perfect in your behavior toward your partner.”

For much more of this sad craziness — as well as some other strange finds from Cliff's Books in Pasadena — click on through to this week's Studies in Crap!

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