This Ain’t No Picnic at the Rose Bowl: A solid lineup of indie, punk and post-punk takes over the Rose Bowl  for two days, only a couple of months after the same venue hosted the ’80s-themed Cruel World Fest.

This time, the highlights include headliners LCD Soundsystem and the Strokes, plus Circle Jerks, Descendents, Sparks, Mike Watt + the Missingmen, and Le Tigre.

Back in April during a Bikini Kill interview, Le Tigre’s Kathleen Hanna told us that this band is reforming because, “They asked us.”

Bill Stevenson of the Descendants told us last year that, “We’ve become what I would call a dad band in recent years, where we fly out on a Wednesday night and meet the tour bus and then play Thursday to Sunday in different cities. Then we come home on the Monday, and lick our wounds.”

And in a cover story this past May, Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks told us, “I had a friend come to me and say ‘Keith, I’m willing to bet that you have no retirement plan. ‘I said, ‘I think I know what you’re getting at’. See, the Circle Jerks a long time ago were offered a ton of money to play Coachella. This would have been right when Coachella started doing two weekends back-to-back. I was deep into the OFF! Situation, and I didn’t want to do it. At that time I was very angry and bitter toward my fellow bandmates, so I said no. I told a booking agent, ‘don’t wave any more carrots in front of the guys – that’s not fair.’ He said, ‘It’s my job and I have to do it.’ OK, do whatever you’re gonna do. Try to book whatever you’ll try to book. I’m not playing with the Circle Jerks.”

This Ain’t No Picnic at the Rose Bowl: The event takes place on Saturday August 27 and Sunday, August 28. All info at thisaintnopicnic.com.


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