Night Gallery is always dark. It opens only after the sun is long gone and it's barely lit inside or out. But Adam Gordon's installation at the gallery feels darker than usual. It includes only two distinct light sources, bulbs shining down from the ceiling of the first of two black-walled rooms. You can barely make out the figure on the hanging rectangular plaque suspended by string and spinning in the middle of the room. In the next room, there's a chamber, with a doorway too narrow for a normal body to squeeze through and a glass wall across the front. Behind the glass, you can just make out mounds of decaying things that don't look like bones but definitely look organic, and the chamber feels like a burial ground such as amateur sleuths might come across in the opening minutes of a CSI episode. 204 S. Avenue 19; through Aug. 28. (646) 717-4925,

Tuesdays-Thursdays. Starts: Aug. 14. Continues through Aug. 30, 2012

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