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Why Is Frank Ocean's Coming Out a Big Deal, But Not Syd the Kyd's?

Depending on your political point of view, Chick-fil-A is either a patriotic chicken chain whose brass advocate “traditional” marriage or a homophobic gulag to be avoided.

R&B singer Frank Ocean most likely finds himself in the latter camp, considering he sorta came out of the closet a few weeks back.

He's not the only one. There are many rappers who, judged by their outfits, seem like they aren't about what Chick-fil-A's about. Here are five, starting with Lil Wayne.

5. Lil Wayne

Why he should boycott Chick-fil-A: His animal print skinny jeans

Like most heterosexuals, Lil Wayne's always been a terrible dresser. But these animal print pants tell a different story. They say: Chick-fil-A is so not fierce.

4. Chris Brown

Why he should boycott Chick-fil-A: His bleached-hair look, back in the day

Chris Brown seems awfully confused. His looks scream everything from dimple-cheeked All-American to enraged thug. But the bleached 'do he started rocking a bit ago is probably something that would have given Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy pause — and perhaps would have left him convinced he was seeing the image of the Demonic Spirit of Homosexuality.

3. D'Angelo

Why he should boycott Chick-fil-A: His entire “Untitled” video

The straight men who preside over Chick-fil-A's waffle fry and pickle empire may wonder about someone who devotes the energy to look as ripped as D'Angelo in his video for “Untitled.” They're also probably jealous.

2. Kanye West

Why he should boycott Chick-fil-A: Prone to wearing pink blazers

Kanye's come out in favor of homosexuality before. And the pink blazer he's been photographed wearing sends a message loud and clear: Chick-fil-A is not welcome in Yeezy's mouth.

1. Rick Ross

Why he should boycott Chick-fil-A: His pinky rings

You know who else wore pinky rings? Liberace. And you know Liberace would be avoiding some Chick-fil-A. So Ross should join the boycott. It would be a big boost to the cause because it would be news: Ross is not often spotted not eating something.

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