Kurtis Blow, the rapper who wrote the urban chant of a decade (1980's “The Breaks”), caught a bad break of his own when TSA security screeners claimed to have found some weed on him Thursday.

LAX police spokesman Harold Johnson tells the Weekly it went down shortly before 6 a.m. when Blow, born Kurtis Walker Combs, went through screening at Terminal 7.

Johnson said he was simply written “a ticket” for possession and released.

True story: Blow now claims to be “a licensed Minister of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

He seems to have (allegedly) found a higher power.

Via Twitter, Blow denied that the citation happened and marveled at how he gained 500 more followers after reports of the LAX incident surfaced:

What is this I hear bout me being busted for weed at the airport? Not true. Isn't weed legal in California? Tmz is bugging.

Maybe Blow should just thank Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for giving him a possible break: The governator signed a bill in fall that makes possession of small amounts of marijuana an “infraction,” meaning that if you smoke a joint, all you get is a ticket instead of handcuffs.

Then again, that law wasn't supposed to go into effect until next month. Maybe Blow really did catch a break.

In any case, with a name like Blow, shouldn't he (allegedly) like cocaine instead of Mary Jane?

LA Weekly