Human Giant was one of those sketch shows that flew under the radar, hunkered down in the midst of endless reality-tinged bullcrap on what passes for MTV these days, but those who caught its two seasons of twisted mayhem know how side-splittingly hilarious it was. (And continues to be via the magic of Internet “repeats” — Google “Human Giant” and “Will Arnett” right this second for possibly the sickest, funniest cameo that's ever gone out on basic cable. No fooling.) The series didn't get a third year, as Aziz Ansari's work in films and NBC's Parks and Recreation got in the way, but his HG compadres Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer (pictured) are keeping plenty busy. Their biweekly gig at the UCB Theatre in Huebel and Scheer Present: Crash Test , in which they get to do pretty much whatever they want — you might get improv or stand-up, you might get a special screening, you may even get a guest comic or two — is uniquely unpredictable and a guaranteed giggle. Or 16.

Mon., Feb. 15, 11 p.m., 2010

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