There’s Gonna be a Suburban Clampdown: On Saturday, masses of punk talent will join forces for the second Suburban Clampdown at the Garden Amp in Garden Grove. Deviates, Agent Orange, Excel, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Cigar, the Line, Hoist the Colors, Stalag 13 and Dog Party will all perform.

Back in 2017, Agent Orange’s Mike Palm told us of his band’s sound, “Inevitably, if you know what you’re doing, [the sound] becomes more refined and it becomes more of a focused version of what it was. I have to say, it’s kinda working like that for me. There may have been some slight changes along the way, but the genre that I chose and the way I chose to present my sound is somewhat unique. It was then and it is now. I’ve just expounded upon that original vision. It’s all working out. It just gets better and easier every year.”

He said of the LA/OC divide that, “Especially in the early days of the punk scene, any competitiveness was just for fun, if there was any at all. Orange County was still no man’s land as far as punk rock goes. So of course we were in L.A. seeing what was going on, seeing the bands. If anything, you could look at it as encouraging and inspirational — other artists doing something cool.”

In July 2020, Stacey Dee of Bad Cop/Bad Cop told us that, “Warriors came out at a time when Trump just got elected and we were scared and nervous. Fighting for anybody that was marginalized, from women to LGBTQ, minorities, everybody. We still are that way. We wrote and recorded this next record in 2018/19, so going into it we had some talks about how we fix things. You can be in the fight of things, but that just makes your body and your spirit in that fight mode all the time. Bringing so much stress into your life that you bring sickness into your life. And no shit, that’s what happened to me. I had breast cancer, so going into the next record Jennie and I had a lot of talks about where change really begins. It’s got to begin with yourself — with self love.”

There’s Gonna be a Suburban Clampdown: The event takes place at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 11 at the Garden Amp.

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