Sandwiches are the subject of many faux fantasies on the internet, from tweets to memes to BuzzFeed silliness. But the average sandwich out here in the real world isn't usually much to Snapchat home about. That's why the rare truly excellent sandwich — like the #19 at Langer's — inspires so much passion and loyalty.

The chicken sandwich at Del Rey Deli in Playa del Rey is on that #19 level. It's not even one of the “signature sandwiches” on the menu, it's just in the regular “deli sandwich” section. But it's not made with cold cut–style deli meats; it's made from a whole chicken, roasted right there in the deli. To that the staff adds tomato, lettuce, red onions, pickles, mayonnaise, brown mustard, Italian dressing and a pepper spread. You get it on a choice of breads, some of which are baked in-house.

All those sauces sound like overkill (and it almost is, in the case of the mayo), but the tart, almost spicy flavors end up working together to balance out the healthy portion of dark meat on the sandwich. (It's mixed with white meat, too.) It feels wildly indulgent — if Dionysus served sandwiches at his orgies, this would've been his favorite.

I did not take a picture of this sandwich, as I can't do it justice and also I ate it before I remembered to, so you'll have to check it out yourself. The deli offers breakfast sandwiches too, as well as homemade pasta salads (also excellent) and desserts, including a Heath bar cookie.

And I'll be back for the salmon BLT.

8501 Pershing Drive, Playa del Rey; (310) 439-2256,

Credit: Courtesy Del Rey Deli

Credit: Courtesy Del Rey Deli

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