Apparently just doing it isn't enough for you people.

Nope. Putting on your New Balance shoes and heading for the tape is a bore. And so a revolution is afoot: Themed runs and obstacle-course events are taking over the 5k, 10k, and marathon scenes. You hungover hipsters apparently need the extra stimulation:

The folks at Eventbrite, the community events ticketing site, polled users and say that those participating in themed runs now outnumber marathon entrants.

California seems to be a leader in this trend toward costumed and themed sports, with “198 percent growth in new obstacle events from 2011 to 2013,” an Eventbrite rep tells the Weekly.

In L.A. alone there were 43 “endurance” events last year, we were told. (Because you millennial kids can't participate in anything unless it involves a free t-shirt, disposable glasses and a trip to Party City.)

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Credit: Nanette Gonzalez for LA Weekly

Credit: Nanette Gonzalez for LA Weekly

Nationwide nearly half of Eventbrite's respondents (45 percent-plus) said they planned on doing more themed runs and obstacle courses.

About 1 in 5 said they were more likely to participate in such events after seeing friends post about them on social media sites such as Facebook.

More than half of the respondents said they do themed runs “to get out and be with their friends, family and community,” according to the site.

About 71 percent of participants in the survey said they did or would do obstacle courses for fun.

Whatever it takes.

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