Thee Nodes actually get around to making something resembling music, but you might not notice that at first while being overwhelmed by the Montreal punk outfit's stage presentation. The male drummer wears little more than a bikini (if even that), while the singer's head often is wrapped up in bandages like the Invisible Man. “Shut up! Don't touch me,” the singer urges before throwing himself into the crowd, where he's tossed about like a mannequin as his head literally unravels. Your head will figuratively do the same, as you try to reconcile the guitarist's blasts of noise and the nameless drummer's hardcore tempos with the nonsensical, guttural howls that originate somewhere within that messy wrap of bandages. Song titles like “Commodify Me” and “Living Like a Corpse” hint at the group's endearing worldview.

Mon., May 12, 9 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 05/12/14)

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