theART-Dept. a new, multi-use, multimedia art gallery, storefront, and hyper-inclusive event space in West Hollywood, is emerging as a revitalizing hub for Los Angeles’ various siloed scenes, neighborhoods, “spaces,” and creative communities.

Founded by Greg Bean, an entrepreneur emerging out of the Web3.0 space, and curated by Keith Botha, a South African native now living in Los Angeles. The 8748 Holloway Drive location of theART-Dept. is a three-story creative space operating near the nucleus of LA’s famous Sunset Strip. Located near the newly reinvigorated Viper Room and the latest Supreme flagship store, effectively positioning this new curatorial operation in the epicenter of West Coast retail, culture, nightlife, and progressive arts programming. The space also functions as a creative advisory platform capable of remote curation and pop-ups, as well as an online, simplified, direct-to-consumer sales platform. In addition, theART-Dept. is also a Web3.0 collective featuring over 15 artists.

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Adam Vlux at theART-Dept.

The basement is all tagged up by great street artists. It’s perfect for old-school, late-night, speakeasy-style parties, DJs and bands, while serving as an ongoing studio for artists in residence, whether short or long-term. The middle floor is an interactive shop and upstairs is the gallery.

Artists are able to fully express themselves at theART-Dept. Unlike traditional galleries that might only push their creatives to show physical works on white walls, theART-Dept. helps their artists create, promote, and sell using all available channels. Digital, physical works, stickers, backpacks and more, while contributing site-specific artwork to their building’s facade and already buzzy basement. Artists also get to join in on theART-Dept. weekly podcast, Sapo Studios. Created within theART-Dept, mixed medium artists are brought into the studio for interviews and live performances adding yet another layer of artist insight that typical galleries overlook.

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Sapo Studios at theART-Dept.

“We have big aspirations, we’re really highlighting theART-Dept. as a space to show your art instead of being a remote audience member. We want you to be a key part of the greater reality.” said Keith Botha.

“LA needs it,” says Greg Bean, the words floating on a wave of fresh air. “The city is strange right now. There’s so much culture here, but it’s stuck over here and trapped over there. We

want to come through like a hurricane. We know we need to speak to retail in a larger way, but at the same time, we’re simply bringing cool products, good music, and great art to the people.”

Upcoming artists include Sheila Darcey, a visionary artist, author, and empath. Her immersive, interactive exhibition, A Portal for Healing, will feature sketches, paintings (digital and analogue), hand-painted objects and include various Web3 components and incentives. Then Mira from Miami, a self-taught mixed medium pop artist, making art and apparel composed of many elements, varying from pop art imagery, stencil art, and collage.

Screenshot 2023 08 25 at 7.21.21 PM

Hand Painted Guitar by Sheila Darcey

“We’re just getting started,” says Greg Bean, both energized and happily fatigued. “This is our headquarters, totally. But all these artists, we can also help license their products and aesthetic., we want people to get excited when theART-Dept. is coming to town. You can come to us, or we can come to you. The possibilities are literally endless.”

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