A few days ago, we ran a couple of photos of punk-cabaret singer Amanda Palmer, her fans and what Palmer calls “fan-prepared food.” In the background of one of the photos was a mysterious shot of something — a casserole? a nut-loaf ? — with some writing on the top. By tilting your head, you could read the words “Sorry Australia Tried To…” and then something else. Only no amount of squinting could help sort out what Australia was sorry for.

Though Palmer is currently on tour Down Under, the ever-gracious Hayley Rosenblum, a member of Palmer's business collective, Team Chaos, helped us complete the sentence. “The cake” — it's a CAKE! — “in the Brisbane food pictures apparently read 'Sorry Australia Tried To Kill You,'” Rosenblum wrote to us.

“I'm not exactly sure what that is referencing, but I THINK it's about a twitpic/tweets Amanda posted — she thought she had a weird Australian insect bite and she posted about it on twitter — her followers urged to go to a doctor saying that staph infections were going around and often mistaken for bug bites, and wouldn't you know, they were right. Twitter is a strange and wonderful thing in the world of Amanda Palmer.”

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