The Wrecks Get Warped: Aaron Kelley of L.A. alt-indie band the Wrecks told us about his Vans Warped experience.

Aaron Kelley: Living in a tiny farm town in Wisconsin made it difficult for me to attend shows growing up. Especially the type of music I was listening to… there were only a handful of kids that were in the punk/hardcore scene in my town which made us outcasts.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school I got invited to go to Warped Tour that was a little over two hours away. I didn’t know much about it, but I did know a ton of my favorite bands were playing. While we were walking to the gates I remember noticing all these kids dressed like me and my friends, it was a great feeling knowing that these kids get it.

When we got in we rushed to the closest stage and went crazy for Norma Jean. I remember feeling so comfortable there. I was dancing and screaming in public, something I didn’t feel comfortable doing where I grew up. Warped tour became a tradition after that, I went every year until it ended in 2018.

The Wrecks Get Warped: The Wrecks’ new album Sonder is out now.

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