When truth becomes the extreme and the untruth is the mainstream, what are we to do? In this week’s episode of The World According to Craig: The Truth Still Exists, we explore the answer to this question. 

We’re all subject to misinformation, from pop culture stereotypes to clickbait headlines, but there is still a truth out there. But how can we find it? A contentious topic in today’s world is the onus on the news to provide it to us, but what role does a journalist really have in promoting unadulterated facts when everyone has their own agenda? Where is the line between profits, entertainment and news? 

If issues like these plague you, don’t be disheartened. The truth still exists, and we’re out to find it in this week’s episode of The World According to Craig with host and PR mastermind Craig Greiwe and celebrated BBC journalist Husam Asi.

In today’s day and age, people are just as likely to get their news from TikTok as from journalists – and TikTokkers think they are journalists, and that’s not good for society. 

The truth beyond a 60-second ego feed does exist, contrary to what many partisans think. There are basic underlying facts, even if we don’t like them. Exposing audiences to new facts through unexpected lenses can be a breakthrough opportunity.

“Taking this path, I knew that I would never be popular, and I would be upsetting a lot of people, and if you look at the stuff I do, some of them are upsetting the left side … and then I get from the other side, people condemning me for talking about racism with Denzel Washington,” said Husam Asi. “But the truth is not nice to anybody, because none of us has the authority over truth.” 

When we get our news – and perceptions of others – from pop culture, those ideas are distorted by storytelling. We have to look for the truth in all things, no matter what “side” we are on. 

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