We all need to do our part to bring back the world we know and love – but in a new way that embraces the innovation and creativity of how we adapted to experiences during the pandemic, whether digital or at home. When the world re-opens, now is the time to re-embrace experiences – and create new ones yourself.

In this week’s episode of “The World According to Craig: Experiences Matter,” Craig discusses how crafting an experience isn’t just marketing, it’s part of what matters in life.

Everything you do is an experience. Every building you walk into, every time you cook. You are in control of that experience. But did you know that other people are, too?

From the time you show up to the time you leave a restaurant or a party, there’s a plan in place. And while COVID-19 may have kept you at home, the reality is your experience matters.

Now, meet someone who’s planned that experience, over and over. Expert Jeff Consoletti joins host Craig Greiwe to talk about the experience, the place, the time you show up, what it feels like and how it all happens. So that the next time you show up at a party, you know that this shit matters.

“Everyone should say yes to everything they can when this comes back,” advises Consoletti, founder and principal/producer of popular event production and entertainment firm JJ|LA. “Fill your social calendars up because I think what will be created, certainly in the industry I’m in and what brands are stewing over, is going to be really exciting. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that the ways we’ve been able to connect digitally can now fuel what we’re able to do in person going forward, and that will be exciting.”

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