Don't write off magician James Galea for the Ed Hardy T-shirts he wears. He's an Aussie; he can't help it. And though the likes of Criss Angel and his illusionist brethren (so they can levitate, big whoop) have long since dismissed the lowly sleight-of-hand, Galea's bringing it back with a vengeance on his I HATE RABBITS tour, sweeping through L.A. by way of the DIM MAK Theater. This isn't just “pick a card, any card” shtick. Galea, the apprentice of a con man who cheated at high-stakes poker, was made famous with his “673 King Street” trick that uses every card in the deck to tell a story at rapid-fire pace. (Hit YouTube to see what we're talking about.) The comedian/magic maker undoubtedly will do that trick and many more while you watch his every move on the Jumbotron. They don't call him Australia's best close-up magician for nothing.

Mon., April 25, 8 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly