You can't replace the feeling of lounging on the couch with a scrunched-up newspaper. But with the web, at least you don't need to worry about getting ink on your hands and bagel. Here's a roundup of some food-related stories from our country's newspapers this week. Lucky for us, it's mostly free. For now. Macchiato optional.

At The Los Angeles Times, Jonathan Gold reviews LàOn Dining; current food fads; and Little Osaka's new restaurants — Japanese or otherwise.

Eating Tostilocos in Tijuana; and cooks disenchanted with single-use gadgets in The New York Times. Also, the paper asks readers why it's ethical to eat meat. (Chris Cosentino, please!) Peter Singer, Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, Jonathan Safran Foer and Andrew Light will judge responses, and the winning essay gets published.

The Wall Street Journal on how we feel about eating leftovers; new cocoa products could be nutritious; and Sang Yoon (Father's Office, Lukshon) gives an interview and his recipe for Oatmeal With Soft Tofu, Egg and Sriracha.

A woman learns to appreciate coffee in The Washington Post; and wine drinking for millennials (just put “OMG!!!” on the label, as one company does).

The Chicago Tribune vouches for cooking with your hands.

At The San Francisco Chronicle, an argument for Dutch ovens; food in the Mission district; and being careful with turmeric.

Eat like Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra or Patrick Swayze thanks to The Dead Celebrity Cookbook; and consider George Clooney's new tequila brand; says The New York Daily News.

Chickens are banned from backyards in Boston, says The Boston Herald. But elsewhere in New England, locavores find the birds useful and easy to keep.

In The Oregonian, an interview with “Sexy Vegan” Brian L. Patton. (He's got a new cookbook.)

Readers send in recipes for The Hunger Games in the San Jose Mercury News, via The Seattle Times. (“Catching Fire Chili With Fresh-Caught Wild Boar and Venison,” “Going Into Battle Lamb Stew With Plums and Cranberries.”)

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