You can't replace the feeling of lounging on the couch with a scrunched-up newspaper. But with the web, at least you don't need to worry about getting ink on your hands and bagel. Here's a roundup of some food-related stories from our country's newspapers this week. Lucky for us, it's mostly free. For now. Macchiato optional.

The Los Angeles Times names 2010 Ridge 'Three Valleys' Zinfandel the wine of the week; Betty Hallock recommends fun summer cocktails to try around L.A.; and chef Sang Yoon explains how to make Korean food in a pressure cooker in this month's Master Class.

From The New York Times, how to bartend at home like a pro; incorporate bold flavors from hot-weather regions of the world into home cooking; and pair seasonal cocktails with dishes.

The Wall Street Journal explains how chefs are now starting to take extra caution for diners with serious food allergies; and a culinary calendar of upcoming food festivals around the nation.

From The Washington Post, recipes for chilled summer soups; and why food preparation gloves could do more harm than good.

From the Chicago Tribune: touch, smell and nibble. Tips for determining produce ripeness; and cutting down calories when it comes to breakfast.

Impressing dad with steak knowledge for Father's Day; and the rising popularity of Greek wine from The San Jose Mercury.

From The New York Daily News, Subway becomes the first fast food chain to receive a heart healthy stamp from the American Heart Association; a 12-year-old David Pines publishes a food criticism book; and (more) news about Burger King's new bacon sundae.

From The Boston Globe, how organic food benefits more than just our health; and avoiding food poisoning from BBQ.

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