You can't replace the feeling of lounging on the couch with a scrunched-up newspaper. But with the web, at least you don't need to worry about getting ink on your hands and bagel. Here's a roundup of some food-related stories from our country's newspapers this week. Lucky for us, it's mostly free. For now. Macchiato optional.

The Los Angeles Times gives us 50 meals under $5; weeknight meal ideas; a dinner garnished with marijuana leaves; plus a review of L&E Oyster Bar.

Doctors learn about nutrition and healthy cooking; a new book photographs people eating on the go all over the world; and leftovers get made into delights, all in The New York Times.

From The Washington Post, the dos and don'ts of cooking when your house is on the market. (No fish! No spices! But cookies in the oven, yes.)

A restaurant in Thailand specializes in floral cuisine, says The Wall Street Journal.

The Daily Herald in Chicago tells us to try whole wheat flours for dessert.

Discovering Chinese long beans in The Detroit Free Press.

The New York Daily News interviews young chefs (mid 20s to early 30s) in New York; and reports that Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom has debuted Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizzas, while Burger King in Nashville is promoting a Bacon Sundae.

There could be pesticides in our corn syrup, says The Seattle Times, and an interview with Beth M. Howard on her new book Making Piece, a memoir about life and pies.

At The San Jose Mercury News, it's springtime, so cook with “fabulous favas.”

A chef lashes out against critical Yelper, reports The Sacramento Bee.

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