The Washington Post's restaurant critic Tom Seitsema is eight months into an ambitious project to find the best dining cities in America, and today he puts out his report on our own fair city. The package is incredibly thorough, with a long essay considering the state of dining in Los Angeles, as well as more than 30 mini reviews of restaurants, bars and shops. 

The article, for which Seitsema interviewed me but also Jonathan Gold, Patric Kuh, Bill Esparza and many chefs and restaurateurs, lauds L.A.'s diversity and stellar ingredients, and spends a lot of time considering the variety and breadth of food here, as well as our apparent preference for casual dining even at our more expensive restaurants. “If L.A. is missing one thing in its mouthwatering offerings, it’s the experience of fine dining, rare as a necktie,” Seitsema writes. He also describes a disappointing service experience at Providence, something many of us have been wondering about since this tweet appeared while Seitsema was in town:  In the section about service, Seitsema says that our immigrant restaurants do the best job at making diners feel welcome. 

But he finds a lot to love, at Guerrilla Tacos, in our world-class sushi and — still — in the smoked salmon pizza at Spago. There is some beautiful photography and a video that shows the avocado's influence on the way our city eats. 

Check out the entire package here. 

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