This packed bill (six support acts!) looks like a long night, but since the acts are cut from the same cosmic cloak, we expect some groovy, trippy prep for The Warlocks. The seasoned psych band will be worth the wait, too. Led by singer-guitarist Bobby Hecksher, they’re L.A. faves known for being unpredictable onstage, with a sound that’s rapturous, noisy and atmospheric all at once. Warlocks songs either melt or explode into one another like rhythmic spells, and if you know their catalog (from the early releases on Bomp to more recent efforts, such as Skull Worship) it’s cool to hear a familiar track emerge live. But don’t expect anything to necessarily sound like the records. Their riff-ravaging intensity means experimental mojo rules their sets. And unlike some droney jam music, it’s not a drag, it’s a joy.

Wed., Feb. 11, 8 p.m., 2015
(Expired: 02/11/15)

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