The Transformative Power of Makeup–Jackie Alves Discusses the Business of Beauty

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For generations, makeup has been used as a powerful tool in the hands of individuals looking for creative outlets of self expression. Makeup, much more than a mere assortment of pigments and brushes, wields a remarkable transformative power that brings about confidence and self-care. As faces become canvases, the blend of colors and textures exemplifies not only beauty, but also a profound and positive impact on emotional well-being. With every application, women are empowered to amplify their unique features and embrace their inherent beauty, symbolizing the harmonious marriage of artistry and self-love.

“I love helping women feel beautiful,” Jackie Alves, Pro Makeup Artist and Beauty Educator expresses. “There’s a transformative power in makeup artistry that can take a woman from feeling less than, to feeling more beautiful than ever, right before your eyes. It’s a gift every woman deserves to get.”

Jackie Alves is not just a makeup artist–her passions run deeper than the simple application of makeup, and she finds herself excited about the “Business of Beauty.” Through her Makeup Academy, not only does she provide knowledge about makeup skills through her teachings online and live, she also actively trains her students about the ins and outs of how to run successful businesses.

This academy is incredibly important for up and coming makeup artists, as the industry is constantly expanding and changing, especially with the wave of influencers coming and going seemingly every other week. But what’s really unique about Jackie and her business structure is that she shows her students how to partner their artist services with sales, bolstering their brand and income.

“Most makeup artists don’t yet see the concept of selling the products they use on their clients.,” Alves goes on to say. “Hairdressers have understood this concept for years. For as long as I can remember, anyone doing my hair could also sell me the products she used to style my hair with and then receive a commission on what I buy.” She goes on to explain how hairdressers can buy products at a discounted and wholesale price, and in turn, sell those products at profit, giving them a wider income range. This skill is valuable for any artist operating within the makeup industry. “When a MUA gets this concept and runs with it, they can easily double what they make from their makeup appointments and also build a lasting relationship with a client. That in turn, creates a constant revenue stream since the products are consumable.”

Through her online Makeup Artist Certification Program, Jackie equips makeup artists with the ability to empower women through their artistry. This platform existing in a unique virtual space allowed her to host students via ZOOM in counties including Belgium, the Netherlands, Mexico, and all across the United States. “Not everyone spoke English,” Jackie says, “and we were Zooming in together from different time zones across the globe but it didn’t stop us because I loved teaching, the students loved learning, and even though there were several different languages spoken, we all spoke the language of makeup!”

Makeup has the incredible ability to unify and empower women, instilling them with a sense of confidence and self-assurance. With the proper techniques and vision, a woman can instantly transform her look and her mindset. Navigating the struggles of a difficult life, Jackie repositioned herself, starting from the ground up and has been throwing herself in the ring with several different cosmetic companies, positioning herself as an expert in the industry, poised to land contracts, and begin teaching and training a Makeup Artist division for global cosmetic companies.

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