The Tox Opens Itself Up to Franchising to Bring Its Services to More Key Cities

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The Tox, the only existing health and wellness company that promotes detoxification by focusing on the lymphatic and digestive systems, is opening itself up to franchising to hasten its expansion and bring the Tox Technique all across America, Canada, and the rest of the world. It is not only a rewarding business venture for aggressive entrepreneurs who support health and wellness initiatives, it is also an effective way to help people live healthier lives.

At present, The Tox has 13 branches in key locations, including Arizona, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Texas, New York, and Canada, among others. The company is poised to implement its massive expansion plan very soon with every intention to help people get rid of residual metabolic waste weighing them down, unwanted chemicals in the body, stress hormones, hydrogenated oils, and allergens, to mention a few.

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The Tox uses what is known as the Tox Technique, a distinct and never before seen combination of body work that directly works on the lymphatic and digestive systems to create a healthier mind and body. Their technique is designed to increase peoples’ metabolism and help their bodies expel toxins and cleanse their colons. The results are known to be long-lasting.

“There is nothing like The Tox. We not only focus on lymphatic drainage, but our proprietary technique also focuses on gut health and digestion regulation with a blend of unique techniques,” said Courtney Yeager, owner of The Tox.

The Tox Technique has the unique ability to flush water retention. As a result, it gives people a more lean look. Using the technique has a direct positive effect on the circulatory, endocrine, and respiratory systems of the body. Medical studies show that cleaning the lymphatic system strongly reduces the body’s tendency to catch a cold or suffer from a virus. Additionally, a strong and healthy lymphatic system helps people lose weight and burn calories more effectively.

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Interested clients can choose from two kinds of treatments: the 60-minute treatment and the 90-minute treatment. Considered the Master Tox, the 90-minute treatment focuses on contouring the waistline, stomach, and backside. A 100-minute treatment is also available, and it includes a sculpting facial. The distinct facial procedure is designed to remove muscle tension and naturally sculpt the face, all while removing bloating and excess toxins. The procedure uses the Gua Sha stone and Tox Sculpting wand to help tone the muscles found in the face. The whole process ends with the company’s custom Tox caffeinated mask.

Yeager draws inspiration from her clients, saying, “My clients motivate me. To offer a service that has truly changed thousands of people’s lives is what keeps me going. My clients depend on us and our service.”

By accepting franchise applications, Yeager can bring The Tox to different parts of the world faster. She is confident that her company is successfully revolutionizing the health and wellness industry by simply looking at the priceless benefits that her clients are presently enjoying. By being a company that delivers visible results in a given period of time, she has changed the way people care for their bodies and maintain their lifestyles. For Yeager, it is this lasting change that she hopes will become her legacy someday.

About The Tox Technique

The Tox Technique is a health and wellness company that specializes in detoxifying the body. Its mission is to provide customers with the most effective and natural methods of removing toxins, believing that a healthy body is the foundation for a happy life. The team of experts at The Tox Technique has developed a wide range of products and services to help customers achieve optimal health and wellness. From supplements and teas to customized detox plans and workshops, The Tox Technique has everything needed to take control of one’s health and allow them to feel at their best.

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