The Top 7 Web3 Podcasts

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As banks run, Facebook builds the metaverse, artists find new markets, and gaming companies double down on in-game assets, it’s still vital to stay up-to-date with the development of Web3. From the creation of a new financial system to the reinvention of the art world, here are seven podcasts that will keep you informed and in touch.


Bankless is more than a podcast. It sees itself as a community that guides its members to a new financial future free of centralized banks. Its team includes Mark Cuban and DeFi builder Stani Kulechov, and the community puts out daily articles discussing the latest crypto developments. Bankless has no fewer than four podcasts, including a weekly round-up, a basic introduction to the crypto world and two podcasts featuring interviews with leading crypto figures. It’s the whole crypto world in one place.

Coinbase: Around The Block

Interview subjects on the Bankless podcasts have included Brian Armstrong, CEO and founder of Coinbase. But you don’t need to turn to Bankless to hear Brian Amstrong’s thoughts or analysis from his team. Coinbase: Around The Block is the crypto platform’s own podcast. Episodes are occasional but they give audiences insight into Coinbase’s view of crypto development. Many feature Brian Armstrong himself interviewing leading figures such as Ben Horowitz of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz and Anatoly Yakovenk, co-founder of Solana.

CoinDesk Podcasts

And if you’re going to listen to Coinbase, you should probably also listen to CoinDesk’s podcasts. The crypto news site offers a number of podcasts, with series focusing on women in Web3, news roundups, and the reimagining of money. They’re interesting and insightful, and packed with valuable information and thought-provoking analysis.

The Nifty Show

Coinbase and CoinDesk’s podcasts can be both broad and heavy. For a listen that’s lighter, though no less important, try The Nifty Show. Hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the podcast was the first series dedicated entirely to the rise of NFTs and collectibles. Guests on its more than 200 episodes have discovered every kind of collectible from Bored Apes to unique metaverse assets. And because Comm and Wright have minted their own sets of collectibles, they know what to ask and how to pick the NFTs to highlight.

Web3 Show

If you enjoy the style of Joel Comm’s and Travis Wright’s laid back NFT banter then you might want to follow Travis over to the Web3 Show. Broadcasting with Chris J. Snook, the new podcast explores the way Web3 technology is changing fields from media to music. Discussions have also focused on the regulations surrounding digital assets and the spread of Web3 around the world.

Blockchain Innovators

Listening to the Web3 Show will answer a bunch of questions but every answer always produces a new set of queries. At Blockchain Innovators, Conor Svensson, founder of Web3 Labs, poses a question to people inventing and applying Web3 technologies. If you’ve ever wondered how Web3 will impact financial services, where Ethereum is headed or how the blockchain is evolving in TradFi, Blockchain Innovators can supply answers. And a bunch of new questions.

The NFT Gaming Podcast

Finally, when you’ve got all the answers you can handle for now, it’s time to play. Jason Toevs and Jacob Christian are the founders of Revelar, an NFT game engine on Cardano. Their NFT Gaming Podcast focuses on contributors to NFT gaming. The leaders of businesses creating in-game assets and metaverses discuss the challenges of designing games and explain how Web3 is creating a whole new gaming experience.

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