The Top 25 Best Men’s Christmas Pajamas

Wisconsin Sports Pajamas

Christmas is a time to gather with friends and family, open gifts, and relax after a long year. However, unlike every other holiday, all the action on Christmas day happens in the morning with no time to change or get ready. This is where a good pair of Christmas pajamas comes in handy as a great way to stay warm and comfortable on Christmas morning. Our list below covers our picks for the best mens Christmas pajamas and covers everything from pajama pants to onesies and everything in between. 

What are Men’s Christmas Pajamas?

Mens Christmas pajamas are just as they sound, mens sleepwear with a holiday spin. They can come in many different patterns and styles such as matching or plaid. They are an essential holiday item for any man and, depending on what you get, can be great for lounging all year round.

What are the Best Men’s Christmas Pajamas to buy in 2022?

The best men’s Christmas pajamas are determined by more than just one factor and are also a matter of personal preference. Some people value the style and fit of a set of pajamas more than comfort. While others may simply want the most comfortable pair of Christmas pajamas and may not care much about the pattern or whether they can be matched with the whole family. No matter what type of pajamas you’re looking for, our list below has you covered with the best options for every category!

1. Best Selection of Christmas Pajamas

Penn State Onesie Pajamas

Top Key Features: Officially licensed, comfortable construction, polyester.

Returns: Will accept any return that is unused and unworn within 30 days of shipping date.

Price: $65

What’s Good about the Ugly Sweater Collection: The ugly sweater collection from FOCO is everything you could ever need from a pair of Christmas pajamas. They are comfortable and lightweight so you can hop right out of bed Christmas morning to join the rest of the family. Their ugly sweater pattern matches the season perfectly. They come in all genders and sizes so they are a great option to match with the family. Nearly every city and popular sports team is represented so you can support your favorite team while celebrating the holidays.

FOCO was started with the goal of helping passionate sports fans show their spirit at affordable prices. Fast forward to today and they are now one of the largest officially licensed manufacturers and sellers of sports related apparel and accessories. They are a source you can trust and are a great option for any passionate sports fan this holiday season.

What’s Not So Good:  If you don’t like sports then this collection is probably not for you. Otherwise, we don’t see a better option for mens pajamas this holiday season.

The Verdict: These are a great pick up if you are looking to show your team spirit on Christmas morning. Also, pick up matching sets for the rest of the family for some unforgettable Christmas day photos.

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2. Best Mens Pajamas to Match with the Family

Mens Sports PJ s for Christmas Huskies

Top Key Features: Officially licensed, comfortable construction, polyester.

Returns: Will accept any return that is unused and unworn within 30 days of shipping date.

Price: $65

What’s Good: Christmas is a time for more than just presents, it is also about family. As such, it is very common for family’s to buy matching pairs of Christmas pajamas. This can often be to the dismay of many husbands and boyfriends, but not this year because we’ve got the perfect PJ’s to match those special to you this holiday season.

A fantastic blend of corny Christmas spirit with sports thrown in, these are a great way to take a fun family photo and still hold onto your pride. Offered in multiple different sizes there is a fit for everyone. The matching pattern will ensure a fantastic and unforgettable photo, even better if your whole family likes the same team.

What’s Not So Good: For those in search of a more traditional Christmas pair we recommend you look elsewhere. However, if you don’t mind a little sports mixed in with this season’s festivities then these are perfect.

The Verdict: For the man who has been forced to take corny family photos year after year this is the perfect escape. A great pair of comfortable pajamas, sports based, that will also fit the rest of the family. 

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3. Best Christmas Pajamas for College Sports Fans 

Mens Pajamas Navy Football

Top Key Features: Officially licensed, comfortable construction, polyester.

Returns: Will accept any return that is unused and unworn within 30 days of shipping date.

Price: $65

What’s Good About These College Sports Christmas PJ’s : With college football playoffs happening around the same time as Christmas, it is no wonder you want to show your team spirit on Christmas day. Luckily, we have found the best option. Coming in both onesies and regular pajamas, the college sports Christmas selection offered by FOCO is the only way to go. Made with a comfortable construction and a Christmas pattern to rival any ugly sweater, these are the perfect way to start Christmas morning. If warmth is your priority, rock the onesie or throw on the regular pair for a more relaxed look that can also be worn out of the house for simple, quick errands. As an added bonus pickup a pair for each member of the family and take some memorable photos. 

What’s Not So Good: The current selection is unfortunately quite limited so it may be hard to find your favorite team or alma mater. Otherwise these are a great option.

The Verdict: Holiday’s and sports are often synonymous so you might as well merge the two. For those looking to show their college sports enthusiasm during the holidays there is no better blend of Christmas spirit and comfort. These pajamas are a great pick up for any man or make a great Christmas Eve gift. 

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4. Best Men’s Pajama Pants for Christmas 

Saints Flannel Christmas Pajamas

Top Key Features: Officially licensed, comfortable construction, polyester

Returns: Will accept any return that is unused and unworn within 30 days of shipping date.

Price: $35

What’s Good about the Check Lounge Pants: As far as mens pajama pants are concerned there are only two important factors. Comfort is number one and wearability is number two. The check lounge pants collection covers both fantastically. They are made of a comfortable and long lasting polyester blend and are great for sleeping, lounging around the house, or running simple errands. With plenty of options representing your favorite sports teams they are even great for game day outfits.

The versatility of these pajama pants makes them an absolute no brainer pick for Christmas as well. Football takes place right around the holidays and these pants are a great way to show your team spirit in a comfortable way on Christmas morning.

What’s Not So Good: If you absolutely need to have holiday colors or patterns on your pajama pants then better options can be found. However, if you are just looking for a comfortable pair of bottoms this season, look no further.

The Verdict: The Check Lounge collection of pants are great for sports fans this holiday season just looking for the absolute most comfortable pair of pants they can get their hands on. Great for lounging around the house and wearing around every now and then these pants can last far beyond the holidays.

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5. Best Men’s Onesie Pajamas

Tampa Bay Flannel Onesie for Christmas Couples

Top Key Features: Officially licensed, comfortable construction, polyester

Returns: Will accept any return that is unused and unworn within 30 days of shipping date.

Price: $55

What’s Good about the Men’s Plaid One Piece: If warmth is a concern, as it often is on Christmas morning, then there is no better option than this mens plaid onesie pajama. Crafted for warmth and comfort with a soft, fuzzy interior and an added hood, you are sure to be relaxed and comfortable on Christmas morning. Not only are these designed for comfort, they are also a fun way to match with your significant other and or bring some team spirit to the holidays. If you are looking to take a fun family photo this Christmas this plaid onesie is a fun option.   

What’s Not So Good: If you live in a warm climate these might be a little too toasty for you!

The Verdict: This onesie is the most comfortable mens Christmas pajama option on this list. If you are family oriented and want to stay warm and cozy this Christmas then you have found your perfect pair of PJ’s.

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Best Men’s Christmas Pajamas On Amazon

Many people love to shop exclusively on Amazon, whether it’s for convenience, price, rewards, or all the above we’ve got you covered. Below we have listed options in the most popular categories to help you find your perfect pair of pajamas this holiday season. 

Top 5 Mens Christmas Pajama Shops on Amazon


FOCO Landing Page

You may recognize FOCO’s pattern and style from our options above, and that’s because they’re our favorite when it comes to men’s Christmas pajamas. Their shop allows you to match your Christmas spirit with your team spirit. This makes for great year round pajamas as well as matching family pajamas that men can wear with pride.


IFFEI Landing Page

On the more traditional route IFFEI has been a player in the mens and family Christmas pajama game for a while. They offer high quality, comfortable, and durable PJ’s for all ages and genders making them great for men looking to buy Christmas pajamas for themselves or the rest of their family as well.

3. PajamaGram

Pajamagram Landing Page

The product is in the name and that’s always a good sign. This shop only sells one thing and that’s pajamas. This makes them a great resource for mens holiday pajamas, as well as everyday basic PJ’s. Their experience and longevity has helped them build out an extensive catalog that has something to offer to everyone.

4. Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials Landing Page

Amazon knows what sells best and that shows in their products. Their prices are great and they have a huge selection of everything from super holiday specific pajamas to PJ’s that could be worn on throughout the year. If you are on a budget and want a pair of pajamas that appeal to the masses then check out Amazon Essentials.

5. PopReal

Popreal Landing Page

If there is one shop for men’s Christmas pajamas this is it. They have an incredibly large and well curated selection of family pajamas that offer great options for any man. Their designs are holiday oriented yet tasteful and are durable enough to be worn all year round.

Top 5 Family Christmas Pajamas on Amazon

1. Xusiande – Most Wonderful Time Family Pajamas

Mens Holiday Pajamas with Flannel Pants

This pair of PJ’s are great for matching with the family on Christmas but can also bode well on their own as pictured above. They are made of 100% cotton and will be a festive way to start Christmas morning, without breaking the bank.

2. IFFEI – They’re the Naughty Ones Christmas Pajamas

Naughty or Nice Christmas Family Pajamas

Another great option to match with the family this holiday season are these plaid pants and naughty nice pajamas. Made out of a stretchy polyester and spandex combination these PJ’s are sure to last a while without sacrificing on comfort. 

3. ANGELGGH – Let it Snow Christmas Pajamas Christmas Pajamas

Let It Snow Family Christmas Pajamas

Let it snow is right! This design is super cute for the family holiday photo. Made of polyester, these PJ’s are durable enough to be worn everyday and comfortable enough to do so. Although the blue “let it snow” set is our favorite there are two other options for those looking for different color PJ’s or a different design and saying on the shirt.

4. Mad Dog Concepts – Family of Penguins Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Family Pajamas with Penguines

Sometimes simple is best and this set from Mad Dog Concepts is just that. Great for Christmas or any other time around the holidays these all red PJs with penguins on them are comfortable and easy to take care of. Their Polyester construction makes them machine washable and affordable.

5. Pajama Gram – Plaid Green Family Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Family Pajamas Green and Red

If you need to match with everyone, including the dog, this Christmas then this set from Pajama Gram is for you. The simple green and plaid design makes them a great holiday and year round option for all ages and genders. These PJ’s have been tested by Pajama Gram to ensure they are comfortable, durable, and also safe thanks to their flame resistance.

Top 5 Mens Christmas Pajama Pants

1. FOCO – Sports Team Lounge Pants

Mens Patriots Lounge Pants

Two very important things take place during the winter season. One is Christmas and the other is football and these lounge pants are the perfect way to bring the the two worlds together. Their versatile design makes them great to wear year round both in and out of the house.  Offered in all NFL teams and sizes these are the perfect pair of pajamas for any sports fan on Christmas morning.

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2.  MERIABNY – Santa on Vacation Christmas Pajama Pants

Christmas Pajama Pants for Men Santa on Vacation

If you’re a man looking for a great pair of Christmas pajama pants then look no further. These pajama pants by MERIABNY allow you to vacation with santa. Made of polyester, machine washable, and filled with holiday spirit, these pants are a great choice for any man this holiday season.

3. Ashford & Brooks – Red and Black Flannel Men’s Pajama Pants

Mens Christmas Flannel Pajama Pants

The super soft flannel pants from Ashford & Brooks are an absolute classic design perfect for Christmas day or any time throughout the year. They are made of a 55% cotton and 45% polyester blend making them machine washable for the perfect mix of comfort, durability, and convenience.

4. TUONROAD – Elves in Snow Christmas Pants

Mens Christmas Pajama Pants with Elves

Another great option for mens Christmas pajama pants are these TUONROAD pajama pants with elves in the snow on a black background. With more muted colors and a simple design these pajama pants are a great option to pair with any shirt on Christmas morning.

5. Seven Times Six – The Grinch Christmas Pajama Pants

The Grinch Mens Christmas Pajama Pants

How the Grinch stole Christmas is a classic holiday movie that must be watched every year. These Grinch pajama pants bring that same iconic film to Christmas morning in an affordable and comfortable way. 

Top 5 Men’s Christmas Onesies

1. FOCO – Men’s Ugly Sweater Pattern Onesie

Couple Pajamas Cincinnati Bengals Onesie

FOCO has been mentioned quite a few times in this article, but that’s just because we love them so much! This ugly Christmas sweater pattern NFL team onesie comes in all teams and is  comfortable, festive, and allows you to show your team spirit this holiday season. Get a pair for you and your significant other so you can cozy up in style on Sundays!

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2. COLORFUL LEAF – Mens Flannel Christmas Onesie 

Screenshot 2022 11 11 at 2.33.01 PM

A traditional red and black flannel pattern is a must have for all guys. Made of soft polyester this onesie is machine washable, warm, lightweight, soft, and super comfortable perfect for Christmas morning. 

3. HORSE SECRET – Men’s Polar Bear Onesie

Mens Christmas Onesie

A great option for couples and families, this Christmas onesie is super comfortable and is easy to put on with a simple front zipper. The design is very Christmas oriented without being cheesy making it the perfect pick for any man this holiday season.

4. Tipsy Elves – Gingerbreadman Christmas Onesie

Mens Pajamas Gingerbread Onesie

Christmas is full of fun get togethers with whacky themes, which is one area this onesie could help with. Comfortable, warm, comedic, and fuzzy, this is great for Christmas morning and get-togethers alike. It’s machine washable so being worn outside the house is not a concern and its durable construction means you can use it for many Christmases to come.

5. Generic – Christmas Onesie

Ugly Christmas Pattern Onesie for Men

Although it’s at the end of our list this pick is a stand out as it is the only one made just for men. If you are in need of a great option this holiday season for Christmas morning or a get together and you don’t need to match anyone this is a great pick. Plus it comes in two different holiday colorways so you can find the perfect option for you.

Questions about Men’s Christmas Pajamas

Still uncertain about picking up a pair of mens pajamas this Christmas? That’s okay! We’ve answered some of the most common questions below to help you make the best decision.

Is it acceptable for men to wear Christmas pajamas?

Yes, it is very common for men to wear Christmas pajamas. Whether it is from a gift or purchased themselves there is no reason not to be comfortable during Christmas in a good pair of pajamas. Plus, you may be forced into it so might as well get a pair you like!

What’s the difference between holiday pajamas and Christmas pajamas?

It’s sorta like squares and rectangles, all Christmas pajamas are holiday pajamas, but not all holiday pajamas are Christmas pajamas. This is because there are many different holidays and you can have pajamas for any single one, Christmas is just the most common.

What are the most comfortable fabrics for Christmas Pajamas?

Polyester is the best trade off between price and comfort and is what most pajamas and options on our list are made out of. The only reason to avoid it would be an allergy or if you feel like spending absurd amounts of money on pure silk PJ’s.

Why should you purchase Christmas Pajamas for men?

This can be for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because a significant other wants you too, you are going to a themed party, or you just want to. Whatever the reason is, they are sure to improve your holiday experience.

What type of events/occasions are appropriate for men to wear Christmas pajamas?

In short, any time you want to feel comfortable or would otherwise wear regular sleeping clothes. This includes lounging around the house, running simple errands, and of course…sleeping. Christmas pajamas can also be great for Christmas eve party’s or get-togethers, so long as it’s not a formal event.

Where is the best place to buy Men’s Christmas Pajamas?

This can depend on a lot of factors, not the least of which being what pajamas you like the look of the most. However, our answer is FOCO. They have a great selection of patterns and styles and are perfect for any man looking for a good pair of Christmas pajamas.

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