You never know what might happen at The Tomorrow Show, a weekly midnight comedy extravaganza hosted by Brendon Small, Ron Lynch and Craig Anton. The show recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with a hilarious offering that lasted well past 3 a.m. Paul Greenberg played invisible drums to Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog,” Paul Rust presented a choreographed dance to the Saved by the Bell theme song. James Adomian did the best Bush impersonation west of D.C. And the sketch troupe Hendershaw presented a semisilent, dramatic-yet-comedic plight to Spiritualized’s “Ladies and Gentlemen .?.?.” The guest list is almost top secret; sometimes the hosts don’t even know who’s going to show up or not, so you’re liable to experience either a night of comical hotshots like Jeff Garlin or dissatisfying pseudocomedians like Erik Griffin. Either way, viewers can always count on the witty banter between the hosts and their regular sketches for laughs. Anton is known for flawlessly parodying a KXLU wispy-voiced DJ who endlessly lists the worst-named indie bands playing at unknown venues in the area; Small’s Captain Mustache is a recurring character who concluded the anniversary show with a vulgar story of an impersonated Bill Cosby, Louis Armstrong and Fat Albert conversing at a bus stop. The Tomorrow Show is also an excellent place to discover your new favorite band. Uni & Her Ukulele has played a set along with Drakkar Sauna, David Barlia and even the burlesque star Mr. Uncertain. If you’re still not convinced enough to actually get up and go at midnight, then perhaps Brendon Small’s new cartoon, Metalocalypse, which aired the night after the anniversary show on Adult Swim, will get your motor running. The Steve Allen Theater at the Center for Inquiry–West, 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz; every Sat., mid; $5. (323) 666-4268.

—Ruby Carlson

LA Weekly