The Tigerellas aka What the Pandoras Did Next: Quite a few people might have passed through the Pandoras ranks since the pioneering garage rock band’s formation in ’82, but with founding member Paula Pierce and, more recently, Kim Shattuck tragically no longer with us, a handful of key remaining members decided that it was time to rest the name. Hey, the Tigerellas is a fucking cool band name anyway!

The moniker may be different, but that hell-raising, tune-heavy Pandoras spirit was still there when the Tigerellas took to the stage at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on a Tuesday night. Karen Basset, Melanie Vammen, Hillary Burton and Sheri Kaplan-Weinstein were all Pandoras for varying amounts of time, and it’s clear that this music still means the world to them.

The early period of the band is represented beautifully thanks to “Hot Generation” and “You Don’t Satisfy. The frankly perfect Stop Pretending album’s “That’s Your Way Out” is the highlight of the whole damn evening, and an opening rendition of The Who’s “I Can’t Explain” is magnificent.

These four powerhouse musicians have all gone elsewhere and done other things, great things, but it’s reassuring to fans that they can’t stay away from the Pandoras music in one form or another. The closing “Want Need Love” from the classic debut It’s About Time is further proof, as if it were needed, that this music will live forever. God bless the Tigerellas!

Earlier, opening band the Killing Floors woke everyone up with a raucous set of ’60s-influenced, jangly power-pop. And later, headliners the Woggles were superb, dancing girls and all.

The Georgia band’s hell-raisin’, surfy rock & soul sounds way better live than on record and, despite their now vintage years, the set at the Wayfarer was all energy.

Still though, for us the night was all about the Tigerellas.

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Tigerellas Setlist

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The Woggles (Brett Callwood)




























































































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