The time-honored tradition of getting high to put up with your family or dosing them to make them more enjoyable continues in 2021 after a year off and we’ve got the edibles you’ll need to get you higher than a Pilgrim and grandma too!

Last year may have been the highest Thanksgiving of your life. That’s cool. Nobody could tell on Zoom, you clever bastard. But that was last year, in the heart of a pandemic. This year, you need to spread the THC love to other people’s livers during the theoretical tail-end of a pandemic.

So in honor of your upcoming preparations and dinner conversations, we’ve got a lineup of edibles dropping this holiday season that are sure to make you forget what you wanted to buy on Black Friday. 


Cheeba Chews Launches THCV Energy Taffies


Courtesy of Cheeba Chews

Few cannabis brands have weathered the storm over the years like Cheeba Chews as they maintained much of the last decade as weed’s premier taffy across multiple states. But there is always room for improvement and the new THCV Energy Taffies are clear evidence of this. They feature a 2:1 ratio (5mg of THC to 2.5mg of THCV) and a little bit of caffeine in each piece. That is perfect for staying awake while listening to how your aunt’s pandemic went visiting Costco as her main point of culture. We feel that. They’ll be on shelves in California soon.


Dee Thai Gummy

IMG 0722

Courtesy of Natura

Do you want a little extra dash of culture to go with your marijuana this Thanksgiving? Look no further than Dee Thay Gummy. The concept ads weed to the wildly popular Thai fruit snacks. They are available in the flavors of some of South East Asia’s most famous fruit like Guava, Pineapple, Lychee, Mango and Jackfruit. Keep an eye out for drops on the Instagram page @DeeThaiGummy 


Cosmic Edibles Vegan Cookie Dough

IMG 4909

Courtesy of Cosmic Edibles

Few edibles rocked our world in recent months the way Cosmic’s cookie dough did. In a world of gummies and chocolate bars battling for temporary supremacy, cookie dough is a dominant timeless force. Since it’s vegan you don’t even need to cook it, you can just dive right in the way God intended before food poisoning was invented. This might not be the best for sharing though… one over-eager relative can scarf down a tin of it pretty quick. 


Alien Labs Gummies

20211118 183833

Photo: Jimi Devine

We visited Planet Hype before anyone last night. While we were checking out a fantastic event put on by the Doja Pak team to celebrate their fifth anniversary, Alien Labs surprised us with their newest product. While one may have reasonably expected the newest strain in their neverending carousel of heat, it was gummies! Not just any gummies, though. They tasted fire and had these chunks of white chocolate that gave them a bit of crunch. They don’t even have the packaging yet, that’s how new these are. So there is some hype for your Thanksgiving dinner convo. Keep an eye out for them early next year. 


Kiva Peppermint Bark Dark Chocolate

Kiva.Peppermint.Bark .2020

Courtesy of Kiva

I’ve heard respectable cannabis minds say the Peppermint Bark Dark Chocolate Bar is the best thing they do besides the most addictive blueberries on the planet. I believe that to be a fair and reasonable statement given the continuing weed chocolate wars Kiva has participated in, arguably taking microdosing to the next level in the process to the joy of the weed PR gods. The holiday edition bar is made up of infused dark chocolate topped with swirls of white chocolate, and a dusting of crushed peppermint candy.


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