When seasoned digital creator Brendan Bradley — a vet of over 100 webisodes for the Fine Bros., Comedy Central, Machinima and others — set out to create his next series, #WalkofShame, he wanted to use his experience to concoct the perfect formula for successful scripted web content.

#WalkofShame is an open ended series of stand-alone sketches that maximizes collaboration and minimizes production,” explains Bradley. “Oh yeah, and there's lots of boobs.”

What Bradley fails to mention is that #WalkofShame, co-written with Mark Souza, is also smart, surprising and funny while adding a refreshing take on female sexuality.

In each episode, a bed-headed, scantily clad young lady wakes after a one-night-stand and attempts to skedaddle. Standing in her way is everything from a missing shirt to a hot roommate to injustices that need to be righted.

In addition to building the ultimate view vehicle, Bradley is genuinely enthusiastic about featuring funny women on the web. “#WalkofShame is a showcase for some amazing female comedians to show off their chops, curves and criticisms of men,” says Bradley, who makes a cameo in episode one, “You've Got Males.” (All titles are twists on famous romantic comedies).

In the stand-out episode, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Sheets,” the heroine (Christiann Castellanos) wakes up to find she is the other woman and convinces the jilted, distraught girlfriend (Courtney Merritt) that they both can do better.

The shame in the series is of the giggly, cringe-worthy variety rather than the scarlet A. These ladies' bare-bodied bolts are a refreshing snapshot of female sexuality. They're not ashamed of their behavior — they're fleeing an awkward “hello” with a dude they feel empowered enough to never see again.

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