Saysha Grabinski, the charmingly obnoxious protagonist of the award-winning web series InSAYSHAble, is a hot-headed, horny nutjob willing to throw all social norms to the wind in pursuit of a job for a day and a cock for a night. She's a wacky antihero: Sarah Silverman meets Ace Ventura.

InSAYSHAble, winner of Best Comedy at the Hollyweb web series festival, was created by its star, Canadian actress-writer-producer Amy Matysio, who claims Saysha is anything but autobiographical.

What she and Saysha do have in common is their improv skills. Matysio developed the character through a lengthy series of improv shows, while Saysha's always ready with 25 tactics a minute to snag her “COCK-tail” for the evening.

Matysio's upbeat snarkiness and brilliant comedic timing allow her offputting character to be, at times, almost admirable. We half wish for more instances of Saysha's moxie boiling over, like when her entitled behavior gets her free laundry or a date. When it gets her fired, strangled by a scarf or facing criminal charges, we revel in schadenfreude.

Matysio was in talks to develop the series for Canadian Television, but that did not come to pass. “The comedy is bold and easy to get into as online content,” she explained in an interview. “How it would translate into 22 minutes of this bumbling idiot week after week without becoming tiring was a hard sell.”

True, the one week in Saysha's life that season one follows is more of a character study of a girl who needs a major ego douche than a well-rounded sitcom character, but the slapstick humor, inspired dialogue and slick production value make InSAYSHAble a great watch on the web.

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