When filmmaker Shilpi Roy first moved to Silver Lake, she was uber-judgy of her faux fur–wearing, haute caffeine–imbibing neighbors. Then one day she found herself in skinny jeans, married to a man wearing a fedora, and realized, “Hey, these hipsters ain't that bad.”

Roy's hilarious web series, Hipsterhood, is her acerbic love song to her inner hipster. Each two- to three-minute slice-of-life episode features two hipsters (played by Elizabeth Ferraris and Kit Williamson) who keep running into each other at boho Silver Lake haunts. They can't muster the guts to talk, so they channel their sexual tension into cheerfully angst-filled inner monologues conveyed through voice-over. These thoughts make up the show's dialogue.

Roy knows exactly how much heart and humor to pack into each vignette. We stick around for the laughs but return for the story. She's well aware that the voice-over gimmick is sustainable for only so long and always quits while you're still digging it.

Since all the dialogue is in the characters' heads, they're able to fully embrace their hipster stereotypes without becoming caricatures. We recognize ourselves in their fluctuating extremes, as they bounce between overconfidence and berating self-doubt.

Roy also uses the minisode — short, extra content — to great effect. Through 30-second “Hipster Wisdom” clips, you'll finally learn what's “in” these days. “Television is so lame,” quips a hipster. “I like to stack my vinyl records on top of my boom box and watch them melt in the sun. And then play them. It's the new indie sound.” —Stephanie Carrie

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