As a director and editor for home and garden television shows, Guy Georgeson spent years filming in other people's homes. What piqued his interest more than remodeled kitchens, however, were the less polished personal objects that seemed to have a story. When he'd get up his nerve to inquire, owners would immediately light up as they told the object's tale. “It struck me that people are at their best on camera when they're sharing something they love,” Georgeson observes in an interview. So he decided to make his own show about that.

Each episode of Georgeson's web series, Coolest Thing in the House, takes viewers on a quirky journey through a guest host's home. The host gives a quick tour of his favorite objects, then reveals, yes, the coolest thing in the house.

Georgeson's skills as an editor are apparent in the fast-paced reveals and the musical transitions that keep the show moving.

Some episodes play out like an upbeat version of Hoarders. Hosts have houses packed with seashell- or bird-themed rooms with barely an inch of free space. But other homes seem ordinary in appearance, and the coolest thing is always a surprise. Like a 15-foot-tall, neon-green dinosaur, for instance.

Georgeson funded the first 24 episodes himself, working long hours for no pay and bribing friends with wings and beer to help shoot. With more than 3.2 million hits on, and thousands more on YouTube, Georgeson probably is in a good position to achieve his next goal: finding a company to sponsor the next season. —Stephanie Carrie

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