“Ready Steve? Andy? Mick? All right fellas, LET'S GO!”

If there was ever a band that deserved to revel in some heady nostalgia-glow, it's the Sweet. Tons of great songs, style, and at least one tune that will last as long as music itself.

Apparently there are two groups called The Sweet on tour (I think Gallagher used to do the same thing). Original bassist Steve Priest helms the version playing tonight, who was with the band from their inception until they split in '81. Here's why you should try your damnest to get tickets:

Fox on the Run

Sweet Willie

Love Is Like Oxygen


And yes, yes, yes of course this one which will outlive us all:

Sweet singer Brian Connolly died in 1997 and Mick Tucker died in 2002. So this isn't exactly the original foursome together, but it's a chance to hear a couple album's worth of great songs, which is a fine way to spend a Thursday night.

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